16. A taste of Art & Design in Småland

Swedese Furniture, Bruno Mathsson, Källemo and Vandalorum are famous brand names when you talk about art and design in Sweden. Making furniture has a long and interesting history in places along the road south of Jönköping. Follow us on a trip where we learn more about designing in the past, today and in the future!

About the trip:

The first stop is Swedese Furniture in Vaggeryd south of Jönköping. When Yngve Ekström founded Swedese in 1945, quality was the core principle. The furniture would not only be beautiful enough to be loved for a lifetime, but could be passed down the generations as an heirloom. Swedese still works on exactly the same principle 70 years on.


We continue our trip south along the E4 road, stopping off at Vandalorum on the way. We are very proud of this museum of art. In a few years it has built up a good reputation and has a lot of visitors every year. The building was designed by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano and was inspired by the old barns that once stood where Vandalorum is now situated. We have our lunch at the restaurant Syltan, which was awarded “Culture restaurant of the year” in 2018. During the visit we listen to the story of the museum, enjoy a guided tour and have the opportunity to visit the current exhibition.


Last stop on this trip is the Bruno Mathsson Centre in Värnamo. Bruno Mathsson was a famous Swedish designer who had his studio in the house where he was born. There will be a guided tour of the museum, where we will look at the furniture and hear about his interesting life story.

Before we board the bus that takes us back to Jönköping we will have a Swedish “fika” in the lovely Apladalen Park.

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