19. Half-day trip to Visingsö, the Pearl of Vättern.

A shorter trip with great content. On this trip we visit Visingsö, an island in Vättern, where the entrepreneurial spirit is booming. Because there was no tourist office, they started their own. When they wanted more culture on the island, they used an old ruin as a stage. Anything goes on an island in Vättern.

About the trip:

This trip starts a little later than the others, (9.50), and departs from Resecentrum Jönköping instead of Elmia. We take the bus through the fantastic Äppledalen (Apple Valley) while we taste apples and enjoy the fantastic views. When we roll into Gränna we drive on cobbled streets down to the harbour where we board the ferry towards Visingsö, the largest island in Vättern. At Visingsö we are welcomed by Susanne Svensson, who tells us about the organisation Visingsö.com. This is an organisation that is typical of rural entrepreneurs – if there is a need they find a solution. www.visingso.com

Our next stop is Visingsö Alpacka, a perhaps unexpected feature on an island in Sweden. http://eskils.by/?page_id=79

At the island we can choose from several transport alternatives – bicycle, the Visingsö train or perhaps the horse-drawn cart (Remmalaget), which is typical for Visingsö. We have our lunch at Solbacken, a KRAV-certified restaurant that places great importance on the origin of the ingredients and serves, among other things, KRAV-labelled potatoes, beef and smoked fish from Bengtsgården on Visingsö. https://restaurang-solbacken.se

After lunch we take a short walk to visit Wisingsborg Garden. The garden is run by mother and daughter Ann-Sofie and Emma, who tell us about their activities. We also enjoy homemade fika and coffee here before taking the ferry back to Gränna. https://www.wisingsborgstradgard.se/about

From Gränna we take the same bus back to Jönköping.

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