1G. Sustainability, rural areas and the EU – examples of collaborative projects.

Welcome to an exciting seminar about expanded views for local communities. 

We will here present the EU-project GIRA, Green Initiatives in Rural Areas. 

In GIRA the regional organization of Rural Sweden, Hela Sverige X-ing, worked together with Europahuset Gävleborg and cooperated with five other European countries, in study visits, exchanging experiences and knowledge. The theme was local green initiatives. Lessons learned, joys, also less successful things did we experience! The Polish partner, the Robert Schuman Foundation, participates. 

Other regional branches of Rural Sweden also have international contacts. 

Most interesting now when elections to the European Parliament are approaching! 

Category: strategy goals for Rural Sweden. In 2025, we contribute to a sustainable society according to Agenda 2030.

25 maj 2024
  • 13:00 - 14:00
  • Talare/Moderator:

    Magnus Alfredsson, Europahuset Gävleborg
  • Medverkande:

    Sophia Malm, Österfärnebo sockens utvecklingsgrupp, Lena Husén, Europahuset Gävleborg and Hela Sverige X-ing Gävleborg, Ewelina Górecka, Robert Schuman Foundation, Poland. More participants may be added.
  • Längd:

    01:00 tim
  • Arrangör:

    Hela Sverige ska leva X-ing Gävleborg i samarbete med Europahuset Gävleborg